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Since 1994, Fire Smart Roofing, Inc. has provided informed homeowners a truly lifelong fire retardant solution for their cedar shake and cedar shingle roofs and siding. FSR is one of the few roofing material manufacturers in the world to offer a lasting chemical treatment solution for cedar shingles and cedar shakes that protects homes and buildings against the combustible properties of cedar roofing material for the useful life of the roof.aerial2

Pressure treated cedar roofing with fire retardant isn’t anything new. During the early 80’s, the horrific wildfires in California increased the cedar roofing industry’s awareness that non fire rated roofing in the Wildland Urban Interface was an issue. Many companies began to invest in fire retardant technologies over the next three decades and the process evolved into the effective, real word trial-tested and permanent fire retardant roofing treatment that is available today.

Fire retardant roof that didn't catch fireThe house on the left has a fire retardant treated cedar roof and what remains of the structure on the right was a new garage that was under construction. The garage was at the initial frame-in stage and had yet to have any roofing material installed when the fire started due to a careless contractor.

Several burning embers landed on the roof of the house during the fire, yet the FSR Treated Cedar Roof preformed as it was meant to and the fire was prevented from spreading to the house.

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