Lifetime Limited Warranty

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This Limited Warranty (the “Warranty”) covers FSR Treatment Inc. (“FSR”) fire retardant treatment of cedar shakes and shingles used for roofing purposes (the “Warranted Treatment”). The Warranty extends only to (i) the home/building owner installing the fire retardant-treated shakes and shingles (the “Original Owner”) and (ii) one other person/entity that purchases the home/building from the Original Owner within eight (8) years of installation of a roof of the cedar shakes and shingles with the Warranted Treatment (the “Subsequent Owner”). For purposes of this Warranty, the Original Owner and Subsequent Owner are referred to as “the Owner.” This Warranty does not cover the underlying shakes and shingles. The Owner should determine if the manufacturer of those products provides a warranty.

Terms of Lifetime Limited Warranty
Subject to the limitations and exclusions set forth below, FSR warrants to the Owner that, for the useful life of the underlying wood shakes and shingles published by the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau, the Warranted Treatment will meet the fire retardation standard for the class of treatment identified on the certification label applied by FSR to each bundle of treated product and to the standard set forth in applicable provisions of Uniform Building Code, including Standard No. 15-2, UL-790, Fire Retardency of Roof-Covering Materials (collectively the “Standards”).

IMPORTANT: This page does not contain the entire Limited Warranty and only serves as a summary of the terms offered. For a complete detail of the warranty provided, including all limitations, disclaimers, terms, registration requirements and remedies, please download a full copy from the following link:

Download the Warranty Card Here (194Kb PDF)